Why You Should Vote AGAINST on Nov. 19

G_3_Generations_1.jpgEvery pregnancy is different, and making a decision to end a pregnancy is deeply personal and often complex for a woman and her family. We are not in her shoes and should not be making these decisions for her.

Respecting New Mexico families means respecting the real life decisions women face every day.

Show your respect for New Mexico women and their families by keeping these intensely personal decisions between a woman, her family, and her physician. 

VOTE AGAINST this misleading and deceptive ballot measure and government interference with a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

Women must be allowed and encouraged to make decisions that are right for themselves, whether that is to become pregnant or to end a pregnancy. It’s about respecting a woman’s individual circumstances and trusting her to make the right decisions for herself, her family, and her faith.

Decisions about whether to end a pregnancy should be between a woman and her doctor, guided by her faith.
The Government has no business in these deeply personal decisions.

A woman doesn’t turn to politicians or voters she has never met for advice on mammograms, prenatal care, and cancer treatments. And she shouldn’t. These kinds of intensely personal decisions should stay between a woman and her doctor without interference or intrusion from strangers.

New Mexico has a history of respecting our diverse personal and religious beliefs, including our differing views about ending a pregnancy.

In New Mexico we pride ourselves on our diversity of thought, religious beliefs, and culture. To continue this tradition, we must respect the circumstances and beliefs that inform a woman’s decisions regarding her pregnancy.

The motives behind this bill are clear: to shame and judge women and erode access to abortion.

These efforts callously disregard the personal circumstances that surround a woman’s decision to end her pregnancy. The out-of-touch groups behind this ballot measure don’t care about women’s health or safety; their only goal is to judge our families and make it impossible for women to access safe and legal abortions.