Respect ABQ Women Campaign Responds to Remarks Made by Pope Francis



September 20, 2013

CONTACT: Denicia Cadena,

Micah McCoy,

Spanish speaking spokespersons are also available for comments.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--Today, supporters of the Respect ABQ Women campaign commented on statements made by Pope Francis during an interview with the Rev. Antonio Spadaro, the editor of the leading Jesuit journal in Rome. Portions of the interview were published by the New York Times.


“As a Catholic and an advocate of reproductive rights, I applaud the announcement from Pope Francis,” said New Mexico State Senator Bill O’Neill. “Pope Francis’ call on the Catholic Church to be a home for all and not a small chapel focused on doctrine and limited views on moral teachings will bring a new era of respect for women and an end to wedge issues like abortion. Pope Francis’ statement that the church has become obsessed with preaching about abortion could not ring louder in our state – we know that the deeply personal decisions about ending a pregnancy should be between a woman and her doctor, guided by her faith.”


Catholics for Choice, an allied organization of Respect ABQ Women also commented on the Pope’s statements.


“We truly hope that this is just the start; that Pope Francis doesn’t only talk the talk, but also walks the walk. We hope he takes steps to ensure that his more open view of how the church should deal with people trickles down to his brother bishops around the world, who oversee large numbers of hospitals and medical centers. We also hope that this attitude starts to take effect immediately at the United Nations, where the Vatican continues to take extreme positions against contraception, abortion and sexual and reproductive rights, having a very negative impact on the lives of Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world.”




Respect ABQ Women is a group of women, families, and allied organizations dedicated to protecting a woman's ability to make private medical decisions with her family and doctor.


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