Albuquerque Abortion Ban FAQ



1. What would this abortion ban mean for Albuquerque women?

The proposed ballot measure would ban abortions in Albuquerque after 20 weeks. Every pregnancy is different and making a decision to end a pregnancy is deeply personal and complex for a woman and her family. We are not in her shoes and should not be making these decisions for her.

2. Isn’t this proposed ban unconstitutional? Why should I care if it is going to just get struck down by the courts later?

Our New Mexico Attorney General and our City Attorney agree that this ballot measure is unconstitutional and violates both our U.S. and New Mexico constitutions, and is unenforceable. We need to vote AGAINST on this ballot measure and ensure that these out-of-state groups do not try this dangerous ban in New Mexico again.

3. When is Early Voting?

Early voting has closed.

4. When is Election Day?

Tuesday, November 19th.

Where can I vote?

6. Do I need a photo ID to vote? Yes.

You must bring ONE of the following forms of photo identification:

  • Government-issued card containing the voter's name and photo (like a passport)
  • Driver's license or Student identification card
  • Credit or debit card (must have photo - like Bank of America debit cards)
  • City Clerk-issued identification (NOT county clerk voter cards)

7. Who is Respect ABQ Women?

Respect ABQ Women is a group of women, families, and allied organizations dedicated to protecting a woman’s ability to make the private medical decision to end a pregnancy with her family and doctor. We are asking our community to vote AGAINST government interference with a woman’s deeply personal and complex decision about abortion.