Our Respect ABQ Women campaign is counting on Albuquerque community leaders and organizations to join our efforts. Most of all, we need our families to vote NO on this ballot measure.  Our campaign needs your support in building awareness about this issue, and turning-out voters for this special election.  To make this happen, we need community leaders speaking out against this ballot measure, and we need volunteers to reach voters through phone banks and canvassing. Historically, special elections have low voter turn-out, we have a lot of work ahead. 

Please keep in mind that your organization’s efforts and expenses in supporting this measure may be deemed to be a “direct lobbying expense” under IRS regulations related to 501c3 organizations. 

Our New Mexican communities have a history of respecting diverse personal and religious beliefs, including our differing views about ending a pregnancy.  We understand that every pregnancy is different, and that the decision to end a pregnancy is deeply personal and often complex. We cannot stand in a woman’s shoes, nor make these decisions for her.

This ballot measure is part of an organized out-of-state effort aimed at making it impossible for New Mexico women, and women across the country, to access safe and legal abortions. I/the organization I represent will stand by Albuquerque women in defeating this harmful ballot measure.

Will you endorse?