Thank You!

Thank you for voting to respect Albuquerque women!
We could not have done this without you, your work is what got us over the finish line. Albuquerque is stronger because of you and we will keep working to ensure the rights of all New Mexico women. Thank you for supporting Albuquerque women and families. 

Our bodies, our lives, our decisions! 

Media coverage about this important victory:


Welcome to Respect ABQ Women

Watch our new TV ad featuring Dr. Sandra Penn, an Albuquerque physician who is speaking out against this harmful ballot measure.

Respect ABQ Women is a group of women, families, and allied organizations dedicated to protecting a woman’s ability to make private medical decisions with her family and doctor. We urge all Albuquerque citizens to preserve our current law and VOTE AGAINST this deceptive and misleading anti-abortion ballot measure on November 19th.


Christie's Story

Watch the story of Christie Brooks, a mother who found out her child would suffocate and die if she carried her pregnancy to term.

Join Respect ABQ Women and vote AGAINST the ballot measure on November 19th!